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Celebrating 70 Years of National Parks

With 2019 marking the 70th Anniversary of the National Parks in England and Wales, there has never been a better time to encourage you all to go and explore these beautiful and protected areas of the British landscape just as… Continue Reading →

Wales Coast Path – Edge of a Nation

I have on many occasions referred to the South West Coastal Path – the longest coastal path in England and the now planned England Coast Path and I have suddenly realised that I have only ever once briefly mentioned the… Continue Reading →

Wales 2018 – Year of the Sea

In 2018 Wales is celebrating its outstanding coastline. This is the “Year of the Sea”. The 870-mile Wales Coast Path runs the whole length of the coastline: the first continuous coastal path of any country in the world. It passes… Continue Reading →

Pembrokeshire Photo Competition

Last Summer after returning from a successful photo trip to Pembrokeshire I came across a Photo Competition with the winning photograph being used on the front cover of the Visit Pembrokeshire brochure for 2016. Visit Pembrokeshire Visitor Guide The competition… Continue Reading →

Pembrokeshire – Peninsula of Peninsulas

Noticing that my portfolio for Wales was in need of some new additions I decided to revisit the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park having not been there since 2007. Although I would love to walk the coastal path route of 186… Continue Reading →

Scotland – Voted the Most Beautiful Country in the World

I am sure that many of you will have noticed that the countries of the British Isles are more and more receiving accolades for their wonderful landscapes, the most recent of which was the readers of Rough Guides voting that… Continue Reading →

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