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5 National Park April Celebrations

There are more National Park birthday celebrations in April than any other month of the year. The Broads Starting on the 1st (no this is not an April Fool ) The Broads in Norfolk was 29 years young. Having had… Continue Reading →

Britain’s Beautiful Castles – Part 2

It’s almost six months since the first part in the series on Britain’s Beautiful Castles and seeing as it seems to have been a popular topic I thought I would take you on another trip to see a few more…. Continue Reading →

Britain’s Beautiful Castles

Britain’s turbulent civil history has left it with a magnificent legacy of castles, built to intimidate and designed for defence, many now in ruin yet they continue to hold their auras of power and mystery.  These imposing structures still dominate… Continue Reading →

Northumberland National Park – England’s Most Tranquil Location celebrates 60 years

Earlier this year the Northumberland National Park celebrated 60 years since the formation and as the only National Park, I have not spent any time exploring I was determined to visit this year. Northumberland is known as England’s Secret Kingdom… Continue Reading →

The Journey so far – 2006

My original intention was that this next post would bring us up to date on the journey so far, however, when I started I realised that to include the last five years in one post would be like trying to… Continue Reading →

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