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Britain’s Historic Harbours

Being an island the British people and its history have a strong connection to the sea and on my trips around the country, I often come across some wonderful opportunities to capture images of Britain’s historic harbours dotted around the… Continue Reading →

Discover Standing with Stones

When I decided on standing with stones as a subject for this article I was surprised to find that I had not previously covered these wonderful megalithic objects that bring a mysterious dimension to the landscape.  Britain is littered with… Continue Reading →

British Churches, Chapels and Crosses – Part 3

Its a couple of months now since Part 2 of British Churches, Chapels and Crosses was published so let’s take a took at these final few images on this subject, at least for the time being. Churches and Crosses Isle… Continue Reading →

British Churches, Chapels and Crosses Part 2

My post from October last year on Churches, Chapels and Crosses seemed to be quite popular so I thought we should take another look at some more, predominantly from Scotland but we also visit EastAnglia and the North York Moors…. Continue Reading →

England’s National Parks – Amongst the Most visited in the World

The world’s national parks and nature reserves receive eight billion tourist visitors a year. New research of over 500 of the most visited natural spaces in the world has concluded that five of England’s national parks are in the Top… Continue Reading →

British Churches, Chapels & Crosses

In this the latest instalment of a look at the British landscape I thought we would have something totally different. British Churches, Chapels and Crosses but set within the landscape. Some of these are located in stunning locations and having… Continue Reading →

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