Starting In January, consistent with its name, an image will be added to the Collection each month.  Images typical of those that may be part of the Collection are shown below.
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They will be either an unreleased image, a popular image from the galleries or one of my own favourites.  Each image will be available on this special for the month only.
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The Print of the Month will be 10 ins by 15 ins. This size is ideal for matting and framing in a 16 ins by 20 ins frame.
Available at a specially reduced price of 20% below normal prices (excluding postage).
Each image will only be placed as Print of the Month once so if you like one particular image, buy it before prices revert to normal!
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I will pick the first few and it may be one of the ones featured in this post.
However, if you have a request for which image to have for a Print of the Month then let me know and I will make it happen.